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The Grey will have your complete attention as you're fully absorbed into the cold and bleak world from start to finish. The film is tense, engrossing and extremely well-crafted. With no major complaints, I am more than comfortable calling director Joe Carnahan's latest effort the must-see movie of the month.The Grey follows an Alaskan oil drilling team that faces impossibly depressing odds after their plane crashes on the way to Anchorage. Stuck in the middle of nowhere and facing the bitter cold, the survivors of the accident struggle to recover and formulate a plan. Ottway (Liaam Neeson) was hired to protect the facility from wolves and, since he's the only person keeping his composure at the moment, he decides to take charge. Unfortunately, things are about to get a hell of a lot worse. They soon discover a pack of wolves views them as intruders and wants them gone. Since wolves don't know how to speak English, they're going to express that message in an incredibly frightening and bloody manner, primarily with their teeth. What you're treated to next is a phenomenal film where you're always on the edge of your seat, wondering if a wolf will lunge out of nowhere and rip into one of the main characters or if they'll find any glimmer of hope in this horrific scenario.