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Thread: Amma or Gulnaz On Geo Tv Episode - 2

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    Amma or Gulnaz On Geo Tv Episode - 2

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    Re: Amma or Gulnaz On Geo Tv Episode - 2

    ​This is episode 3, not episode 2.

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    Re: Amma or Gulnaz On Geo Tv Episode - 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Amra_Afaq View Post
    ​This is episode 3, not episode 2.
    yeah u right , this drama is getting my interest & just finished watching all 3 episodes in one single night , would be one of my fav. in this quarter . I went on youtube for the EP 2 before start watching EP 3 . THX for letting us know

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    God this serial has a heart touching story-line but very sad too , showing the relationship of Mother with their children . She is not been getting her reward of being loyal to children , last time i commented on a serial was Bol meri Macheli but could'nt stop myself writing few lines in appreciation of this beautiful story , wicked job done people related to this project & atlast BIG UP to friendskorner for ur work , i have been following u guys since late 2007 i moved in to the UK from Pakistan , currently there is few more pages running the same job but u lot are the best . Thanks

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