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Thread: Pakistan Education system

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    Cool Pakistan Education system

    "I am not sure whether a radical change in the system of education is required. Text and content wise we are better than the western systems that we so envy. However independent thinking needs to be inculcated and for that the teachers need to be trained.Every where in the world there are days set aside for teaching the trainers. Ever see that in Pakistan.
    Look I don't want to digress from the topic at hand. Please feel free to open a new thread and discuss the education needs separately. We can then shift the mails from this thread and continue there."

    I am a bit confused here. Which 'text and content' are we talking about? There are three parallel systems running in the glorious country. i.e. Imported one, local and Madrassa type. Now the first one, imported, you cannot say that it is better than the west because it is already imported from there. Local (Matriculation system) is not better than the west; therefore, individuals prefer to do O and A levels. Madrassa system is not even at par with the local education system let alone the western system. You know why I emphasized more on changing the education system at grass root level? Majority of our people cannot go to schools like LGS etc so they end up going to government schools. Should I tell you the condition of government schools? So, we have to think for the majority. Introduce new and effective system in government schools. Take the example of India, only one uniformed system. We should uplift our existing system so we don't have to import our education system. Wasn't it a failure when we introduced a western system? For me it was because it shows that we failed to develop a local system. Open community schools--Social justice! It is the right of poor people to get same level of education as rich do! Yaar, jis mulk mien 9 and 10 ka aik year alag exams aur next year aik sath exams hoon, what do you expect from that education system? A bit too much experiments, eh!

    So, if we are able to give a good education to our kids at junior level, they will automatically thrive in universities. If universities will get a 'lot' of thinkers rather than ratu baz, universities will further flourish the abilities of young brats.

    Defence budget has increased significantly, whereas, the education budget is at all time low--

    - - Updated - -

    Any education system where the student is taught lies about history.. (Islamic history deals with Tipu sultan to Ayub Khan). The teachers are there to earn money without knowing their jobs, those that hire them don't know their jobs. Those that write the books are still stuck in the 1930's. And most of all, what is taught never shows how that principle works in real life.
    Why blame O and A levels when the official system (already divided into multiple paralell and sometimes conflicting boards) cannot impart a quality syllabus.. where there is gap others will fill it. It is due to the O and A level system that many brilliant kids have excelled, and due our system that many brilliant kids have not.
    The Madressas are for those illiterate people who would bow before the mullah if need be since they think his command of the Quran is supreme. And for others it is the only system possible. And let me give u a first hand account of the so called premier madressah in Peshawar situated right in front of the Corps house. Beatings, curses, fithy conditions topped with sodomy is the norm in that place.
    Run by supposedly a very moderate and popular cleric.
    To change anything..
    scrap the syllabus and put actual qualified people to make it, not cronies or sycophants.
    Start a teachers training program, have regular inspection, SHOOT teachers that impart incorrect knowledge,beat kids, or under-perform..because they are responsible for the future of the country..literally. And convert all madressas to schools, make normal subjects mandatory before the Quran is taught with translation... and blow up the others who resist.

    A PROPERLY educated generation can lead a country towards the path of progress and prosperity. The youths of any country are its future builders, and education is the best building material.

    But the consistent strikes in Karachi tend to snatch this building material from the bricklayers of tomorrow.

    Is it really feasible to call strikes every now and then? Not by a long shot!

    In March alone, students hardly had a single week at educational institutions when they could study properly. They remain tense and continuously disturbed as a consequence of which they are doing bad in their studies. Their power to retain their lessons is diminishing day by day.

    The worst part is that students are being exposed to rote learning by their teachers who are trying to cover the entire syllabus due to the loss in school days because of the strikes. If such circumstances persist over a longer period, students will be left with no alternative but to cheat or use unfair means to pass exams.

    Those who don’t cheat, I am sure will fair poorly in their final exams except if they happen to be geniuses.

    I would like to request all political parties to find some other way of holding protests as strikes are truly putting the future of youths and as a result the country in jeopardy.
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    Re: Pakistan Education system

    It differs from the European one but Pakistanis still have a chance to find a good job. They must write a good CV or order it on I give this link because many of them have problems with English and unable to write a good CV

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