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Thread: Expression of Feelings

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    Expression of Feelings

    Asslam u alaikum warahamtullahi wabrakatuh..
    hope every1 doing great In sha Allah

    m here with a dicussion topic..
    add your point of view about expressing ur feelings, not only specifically for love but for emotions of all kinds.

    ( )
    as you care someone n all other things with friends n siblings . n also talk about expression of anger n khafgi narazgi wghera
    shud we express our feelings ?
    close ones se kya humein express kerna chahiye ?

    unhe batana chahiye hai k hum un ki care krty hn, ya humein unki koi bat achi nhi lg rhi, ya narazgi show krna, ya yehi btana k you are so sweet
    is it good or bad ? wht you think

    Coz I think sometimes it's safe not to talk about your feelings, but listen n focus your dear ones.

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    Re: Expression of Feelings

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    Re: Expression of Feelings

    Quote Originally Posted by void View Post

    Simplest reply could be this, one has to be expressive.
    Being not so expressive person I can tell you, sometimes I feel like sharing lot of thoughts with my loved ones but I cannot, I spend, or you can say, waste that moment in finding appropriate words to depict my true emotions.
    So question shouldn't be this "Should we express our feelings?" but "Do we have this power to express our feelings to anyone?"

    Let's flip the current scenario and talk about those who have this ability to express their feelings and emotions.
    If someone has this ability then he/she should express their emotions, it's like a vent out.
    That's it I guess.
    I think question would
    " How Should we express our feelings?"
    What are the ways?
    " How we improve or increase this power? or
    How to improve our effective communication skills?
    to express our feelings to anyone or everyone ?"
    What do you think?
    Please share knowledge and knowledge is power that helps to make most of our decision easy...

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