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Thread: Eid Recipe


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    Cool Eid Recipe


    Eid special Sheer Khurma Recipe made with vermicelli and milk.
    Author: Asiya
    Recipe type: Desserts
    Cuisine: Indian
    Serves: 5-6


    • 1 litre milk
    • 100 gms/1 cup broken vermicelli/seviyan
    • 3 tbsp ghee
    • 1 cup/ 2 tbsp sugar
    • 1 tbsp condensed milk/milkmaid
    • 8-9 vertically sliced almonds
    • 8-9 vertically sliced cashewnuts
    • 8-9 vertically sliced pistachios
    • 5-6 deseeded chopped dates/khajoor
    • ½ tsp cardamom powder

    How To Slice Dry Fruits For Sheer Khurma:

    1. Inorder to slice the almonds, soak them in water or boil them in water then peel off the skin and slice the almonds.
    2. Boil the cashewnuts and slice them .
    3. Similarly pista or pistachios can be boiled and sliced.
    4. This way the dry fruits can be chopped easily.

    How To Make Sheer Khurma:

    1. Take a sauce pan, add ghee to it and heat it.
    2. Break the vermicelli and add into the heated ghee, on sim flame saute vermicelli/seviyan till it gets golden brown.
    3. Stirring is important while we saute them.
    4. Keep the sauteed / fried vermicelli aside.
    5. If there is excess ghee then strain the fried vermicelli.
    6. In the same sauce pan, add ghee, add sliced almonds and saute slightly and keep aside.
    7. Add sliced cashews into the same sauce pan, saute slightly and keep aside .
    8. Saute pistachios in ghee as well and keep aside.
    9. You can saute dates if you wish to.
    10. In a separate vessel or cooking pot boil the milk.
    11. Into the milk, add fried vermicelli and let it cook for few seconds on sim flame till the vermicelli becomes soft.
    12. Add sugar, add condensed milk as well and cook for few minutes.
    13. Do not stir much else the vermicelli will not be visible.
    14. Taste it, add sugar if required.
    15. Add fried almonds,fried cashews, fried pistachios.
    16. Finally add cardamom powder, stir it and switch off the flame.
    17. Serve hot sheer khurma in dessert bowls and garnish with ghee, dry fruits and dates and enjoy!!!!

    1.We get seviyan from the market which is specially used for making this dessert or you can use the vermicelli which is usually available.
    2.But the real taste comes from using specially made sheer khurma vermicelli.
    3.The real taste too comes out if pure ghee with wonderful fragrance is used.
    4.Add rose water drops if you wish to in the finishing dish as an optional ingredient and you could also add raisins too and many other dry fruits.
    5.While adding seviyan do not add it at once. Add them gradually and check the thickness. If the thickness is what you desired for then do not add more vermicelli else the sweet would thicken totally.

    Haleem – Eid Recipe
    It is one of the most tastiest dishes which are used to make this festival more interesting and tasty. It will take about 3-4 hours to prepare. But the taste of the final product will definitely amaze you. So you should try this at your home as it require lot more attention


    This is a very special dish of pakistan. I hope you like it.

    meat boneless:2lbs
    Ginger Garlic paste:2tbs each
    red Chilli powder:2tbs
    dhania powder:3tbs
    Garam masala:1tsp
    Green chillies paste:1tbs
    ground Mint leaves:1tbs
    Chana dal:1/2cup
    Moong: 1/4cup


    Shahi Haleem Method / Tarika:

    Soak wheat & barley overnight and boil with 1tsp chilli & haldi powder make it tender and grind it.
    Add all dal & rice with enough water to cook and cook till tender and grind.
    Heat oil, fry onion, add all masala, yogurt, roast for a while then add meat.
    Add water and cook till tender. Add dal & wheat mixture.
    Grind it in a mixer or grind manually. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
    Add garam masala to this.
    serve with fried onion strips, lemon, cilantro, chopped ginger and chat masala.

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