Happy EID Mubarak Cards

People used to send lots of advance EID Mubarak greetings just before the actual day of celebration. Most of the times they send advance EID Mubarak cards and write some interesting message on them. There are several types of greeting cards available on internet. You can either buy or make a new one with your skills. The design of the card doesn’t matters and the thing that matters is your feelings.
You can make a new advance EID Mubarak card by yourself. They are quite easy to make and you can make them within few minutes. These are some methods to make your own EID card.


Greeting Card with Green Strips

This is one of the easiest advance EID Mubarak cards, you should have to buy a piece of cardboard and cut some strips. Then stick these strips on your card and use glitter to decorate them. At last the most important thing is that you should use colored pen to write message on it.

Greeting card with Stars and moon design

You can make this card very easily. You just have to stick some stars and moon design on your card. Then color your card with different colors. You can use various other decorative items and the write something special on it.