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Thread: The ‘couch’ Potato

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    Cool The ‘couch’ Potato

    The ‘couch’ Potato

    By Zarina Patel

    Searching for the perfect sofa to add to your abode? You! has just the right advice for its readers....
    Whether you like it or not, your home decor tends to reflect your personal style and aesthetic sense. There are numerous factors that are involved in decorating any space, however, the type of furniture one chooses can make or break the look of one's abode. And when we talk about living room or drawing room, the furnishing that pops into our mind is a comfortable yet trendy sofa. Well, the fact is that the sofa is definitely a statement piece of furniture in any living/drawing room.

    Picking the right sofa is one of the biggest furniture decisions anyone makes, as there is an infinite range of sofas/couches that one can choose from. Sofa sets are available in traditional, trendy, and contemporary styles. They may have traditional decorative markings, woodcuttings, or geometric shapes. The average sofa is for seating three people comfortably and is the piece most often chosen for the living room. Also, the seven seater sofa set is a popular choice for big room decor because of its elegant style. It includes two single seater sofas, a two seater, and a three seater. Following are a few types of popular sofa sets you can opt for.

    Chesterfield sofa: To decorate your room in a royal manner, go for the three seater chesterfield sofa. It is usually made of synthetic leather or different fabrics tightened with a bunch of buttons of same leather or crystal buttons and luxurious curved arms. Black and brown are the most common colours but you can also get them in other trendy shades such as red, purple, cream etc.

    Sofa cum bed: Sofa bed or convertible sofa can be converted into an extra bed. This is ideal when space in your house is limited and people come to your house for sleepovers. It may feature a two-fold design with three loose back cushions, removable and washable covers, and built-in storage.
    Corner sofa: The corner sofa is a fanciful addition to a spacious living room. It has six seats and forms a 90-degree angle, which allows them to extend along two walls. It is designed with large seats and wide armrests.
    Ottoman: This type of sofa usually has no back and arm and is often used in home decor as an extra seating. The ottoman, when coordinated with the adjacent furniture and wall colour, can uplift the overall look of the room. Ottoman is a multifunctional piece of furniture. You can use it to rest your feet and also as a cocktail or coffee table.
    Divan: This old-fashioned type of seating is a strong comeback in the modern furniture world. It has a tufted mattress-like seat, either directly on the ground or on a low wooden frame. It is usually pushed against a wall.
    Love seat: It is designed to seat two people comfortably. It is the perfect choice for living rooms and bedrooms as they come in many colours and styles. A love seat is even useful for small living rooms and can balance the seating arrangement of a large room.
    Tips of the trade
    The best way to succeed in your task of choosing a sofa set is to be a wise buyer and select a piece that lasts long and looks good at the same time.
    Quality matters: Always remember, quality goes deeper than looks, so before making any purchase try to make sure the sofas are of good quality. To determine its quality look at the size, fabric, cushions, frame, spring, and tailoring. Also, check the quality of the seating support by sitting on a sofa before you buy it. It should not hang down, and should not feel hollow and it should provide comfortable support to the back.
    Keep the space in mind: The sofa size and room space must be compatible with each other. Make sure the size of the sofa does not overshadow the room.
    Durability: A good quality sofa is heavier because of its strong frame. There are four types of frames available in the market, pinewood, metal, plastic, and hardwood.
    Metal and pine wood frames add style to any room but with the passage of time, they have chances of trembling and cracking. Sofa made with Pinewood frames wear-out after five years. The best frame is made out of hardwood. It has capability of keeping hold of its shape and stability over a long period of time.
    Frame strength test: Lift the front corner or leg of the sofa off the floor. By the time, you have raised it six inches; the other front leg should have risen too. If it is still touching the floor that means the frame is weak.
    Fabric factor: The fabric is an important component so select the right fabric. Leather is a good option if you are looking for longevity. However, leather absorbs heat faster than fabric. It will feel warm after sitting on it for a while. Leather sofas are more vulnerable to scratches and humidity and tend to feel sticky in hot or humid weather. Also, leather does not accumulate dust mites, and allergens.
    Light coloured fabric gives cool and calm effect and is good for small room decor. However, it gets stained easily. It is worthwhile to choose removable covers so you can wash them easily. Cotton fabric is a popular choice for sofas in warm cities like Karachi, but it gets wrinkled easily and tends to trap dirt as well. Silk fabric is smooth and lustrous, making it perfect for a luxurious room. The negative point of silk fabric is that it is difficult to maintain. Acrylic fibre sofas can enhance the elegance of the living room decor. Acrylic fibres resemble wool and are soft to the touch. They are very durable, and stain, wrinkle, and fade resistant, as well as affordable.
    Cleaning tips:

    • When cleaning a sofa, it's important to read the care tag of the product.
    • Vacuum your sofa regularly to prevent dust and dirt from building up.
    • Leather can be damaged by too much water or soap. Start by gently vacuuming any dust from the leather sofa and its crevices. If there is any mould or mildew on the leather, spray a mild solution of vinegar and water onto this, and quickly wipe the mould or mildew away.
    • To remove a stain from the fabric, you can try a mild solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid.

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    Re: The ‘couch’ Potato

    very beautiful and cozy...seems very pricy though

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