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Thread: Chinese Gynecologist in Lahore

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    Chinese Gynecologist in Lahore

    Chinese have opened a new hospital in Lahore. They have Chinese doctors in their hospital. They also have Chinese female gynecologist in their hospital. She has more than 25 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders. Hospital's name is ZhongBa Hospital She treats with the help of latest technologies and equipment and technologies. She uses Chinese traditional medicines to treat patients. She treats following gynecological disorders in her hospital:

    • Irregular Menstruation.
    • Vaginitis
    • Breast diseases.
    • Cervical erosion
    • Female urethritis.
    • Endocrine disorders.
    • Vaginal tightening.
    • Cervicitis.
    • PCOS.
    • Uterus disorders

    There are also many other gynecological disorders that she treats like:
    • Blocked fallopian tubes.
    • Female infertility treatment.
    • Vaginal infections

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    Re: Chinese Gynecologist in Lahore

    Hello! Having a good gynecologist is very important. This was told to me by my older sister. But I have such a problem that I don’t know whether this can be said to my gynecologist ... I completely stopped wanting sex now. My husband takes offense at me for refusing intimacy, but I can’t find the fire that was before. What is happening to me? It's forever?

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    Re: Chinese Gynecologist in Lahore

    Quote Originally Posted by AprilRain View Post
    What is happening to me? It's forever?

    тут кароче челик с Natural links никак не может выплатить деньги, за шо?

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