Punjab News: LAHORE, Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan Muslim League-N has always selflessly served the masses and development and prosperity of the people is the pivot of the politics of the PML-N. During the last more than four years, midnight oil has been burnt for the service of the people; while mega projects have been completed with an amount of billions of rupees for providing relief to the people. He said that the policy of composite development has been adopted for the progress of the province and special attention is given to the development of rural areas alongside the urban localities. Resources have been mobilized for the development of backward and less-developed areas; while more funds have been given to southern Punjab with the ratio of its population. Many mega projects of education, healthcare and social development have been completed in southern Punjab, he added. He said that resources are meant for the people and this right has been given to them. He expressed these views while talking to MNA Raza Hayat Haraj who called on him, here today. Punjab News