Breaking News: LAHORE, Search engine Google has changed its doodle to pay tribute to the late Pakistani singer Madam Noor Jehan on the occasion of her birthday. Noor Jehan is considered as one of the most prominent and influential singers to ever exist in South Asia. Noor Jehan was born on 21st September in 1925 in Kasur and came into the limelight for her acting and singing capabilities. Google is honoring Noor Jehan by sharing her life from early stages to becoming a superstar and mentioning her achievements and accolades. According to Google, in her career of six decades Noor Jehan recorded 10,000 songs and was given the title of Malika-e-Tarannum (the Queen of Melody) for her services during the 1965 war. She played part in boosting the morale of the nation through songs in the 1965 war and was given one of the highest Pakistani civilian awards ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ by armed forces. The internet giant compares Noor Jehan’s persona in the East from that of Marilyn Monroe in the West, celebrating her life by shedding light on her illustrious career in Google and Arts Culture. Google narrates words of those involved with Madam in the music industry and states that she would record a song daily that would be on aired immediately. Google shares her intimate moments from the weddings and her family life. Noor Jehan died on 23rd December 2000 but remains immortal in the hearts of the people. Breaking News