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Thread: 10 Tikka Designs for the Forehead of the Gorgeous Bride

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    Cool 10 Tikka Designs for the Forehead of the Gorgeous Bride

    10 Tikka Designs for the Forehead of the Gorgeous Bride

    Getting married? Tired of looking at a hundred different designs and now everything looks the same? Look no further as DESIblitz breaks it down to the top 10 tikka designs perfect for your wedding day.

    Give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the process!
    A tikka better known as a Maang Tikka, is a traditional piece of Indian ornament which hangs off the bride’s head and onto her forehead. It is securely pinned with a bobby pin at the top of her crown.
    Tikka is an essential part of your wedding day, it pulls the whole look together and we have all the inspiration you need to to find the perfect tikka to suit your face!
    Whether you choose something traditional like the Jodha Akbar style, or something contemporary with delicate pearls and diamantes, we bring you some stunning choices of tikka designs.
    After finalising a gorgeous wedding outfit for the special day, the second most important area is, of course, the jewellery of the bride.
    Asian bridal jewellery usually consists of earrings, a necklace or two depending on the style, tikka or matha patti, rings, bangles and payal.
    Some brides wear additional jewellery which can be in the form of hand jewellery, nose rings or a ‘kamarband’ which is a waist belt.
    To help with the choice of tikka, here are 10 amazing and intricate tikka designs to suit you on your big day.
    The Statement Tikka

    Here, we have a heavy kundan tikka. This gold tikka with clear gems is a beautiful statement piece. It is set in authentic Meena Kari and is perfect for those brides who opt for a simple neckline on their outfits or for brides wearing a simple blouse.
    This tikka also features an exquisite faux ivory pearl droplet that hangs delicately at the bottom of the piece. This tikka is part of Taaj Online’s beautiful bridal collection.
    Check out more designs from Taaj Online here.
    The Tikka that Complements a Kattan Saree

    This piece is a stunner. For our brides with more traditional outfits, this is a perfect choice. Kattan sarees have become a huge wedding trend.
    For our brides who are adopting a more traditional look with a Kattan saree, this tikka is a must for you. The antique gold will match perfectly with the detailing on your saree.
    This style can also suit our South Asian brides who generally opt to wear Kanjivaram Sarees. This style of tikka goes perfectly with the intricate gold detailing which is mostly found in this style of saree.
    To take a closer look at this style, check out Bling For You.
    The Tikka for the Bride that wants both Gold and Silver

    This tikka is a beautiful white gold piece with silver pearls and stonework embedded along the bottom. It’s a great choice for brides who have a mixture of gold and silver in their outfits.
    Sometimes it is hard to decide on one colour to wear when your outfit has both but this piece means you have the best of both worlds without having to compromise.
    Visit Jaypore to find this particularly stunning tikka.
    For the Daring Brides

    For our daring brides who are breaking rules and don’t like sticking to the norm of traditional reds or maroon, this tikka is for you.
    Inspired by the colourful designs by top Indian designer Sabyasachi, this set is as colourful as it is visually striking. Despite this design running against the grain, it perfectly suits brides and isn’t too overwhelming.
    Having gold as the main background colour allows the colours in the middle to seem subtle. This is a key factor as too much colour on the jewellery and outfit can clash.
    To find the tikka visit, Bling For You.
    The Evergreen Tikka

    Our regal brides need to look no further. This Jodha Akbar inspired tikka is yours. Originally inspired by the hit film Jodha Akbar starring Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, this style is truly evergreen.
    Brides who are wearing heavy necklaces, this tikka will work well for you as its style itself is a statement piece but its simplicity will work well along with the rest of your jewellery.
    If you want the Jodha Akbar wedding look, visit Utsav Fashion.
    The Contemporary Tikka

    Designed by Eina Ahluwalia, this lotus design tikka is handcrafted in brass with gold plating. Connected to a string of blue pearls, this isn’t your traditional tikka.
    For our brides who want to adopt a contemporary look, this tikka will suit you for your big day. This simple gold tikka will fit on your forehead elegantly.
    To get your hands on this maang tikka, check out Eina Ahluwalia‘s website.
    The Sophisticated Tikka

    This sophisticated silver stoned tikka is simple yet effective. Brides who want their outfit the be the main focus, can use this tikka to draw attention away from the jewellery and onto the outfit.
    Effective with an intricate cut and shape, this piece will only enhance the rest of your jewellery. Sometimes big jewellery pieces can overshadow the lehenga choli or make everything look too busy.
    To find the tikka, visit Kyles Collection.
    The Tikka for Star of the Show Brides

    On the other hand, this Sabyasachi inspired heavy tikka is made to be bold. This tikka is perfect for our brides with simple bridal outfits.
    This piece is the star of the show and will have all heads turning. The main work style on this gorgeous piece is made of kundan. With plenty of decoration, this large headpiece is ideal for brides that love bling.
    To get your own star of the show tikka, have a look at mirraw.
    The Combined Piece

    This unique piece is special. From afar, it looks like a bit like a jhoomar, but it is actually a tikka. Sometimes, it can be too much to wear both a jhoomar and a tikka.
    However, this unique piece combines the two, giving you the best of both worlds! This piece can be worn on the side or the middle of the forehead, depending on where you wear your hair parting.
    Check out Chic House if you’d like to find out more about this style of tikka.
    The Emerald Tikka

    This emerald tikka is simple and small. It has been created with emerald green stones and finished with silver and gold detailing. This piece works well with an outfit that has small colourful patterns embellished onto it.
    The pop of green on the tikka adds a nice contrast, matching the colours of your lehenga choli.
    To search this style, visit Utsav Fashion.
    These are just some ideas regarding the type of Maang Tikkas you can wear on your big day. We have presented you with some of the styles that are available to you, and we hope we have given you plenty of inspiration!
    Our Advice

    Before you buy your tikka, make sure you research ideas and designs. One essential factor is to keep an open mind. Items that look good online may not look quite as good in person.
    Also, it is vital that you try on tikkas to see how you feel in them. Everyone has a different shaped head and forehead, therefore each style will look different on each bride.
    Just remember, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. It’s a big day and there’s bound to be some sweat and tears, so comfort is imperative.
    It’s not always the case that you will find something ready-made, you may want to adopt the style or create a design from scratch to match your individual taste.
    Give yourself plenty of time and don’t rush an important aspect of jewellery for your big day, the central piece on your forehead, the tikka.
    "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning."

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    Re: 10 Tikka Designs for the Forehead of the Gorgeous Bride

    Thanks for this information, I think it will come in handy in the future.

    - - Updated - -

    Very beautiful jewelry, I like.

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