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Thread: -=Rules For Poetry Images Korner & Getting Designer Tag=-

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    -=Rules For Poetry Images Korner & Getting Designer Tag=-

    Photo Gallery:

    Designers Should Upload their designs / designed Images in proper category of FK Photo Gallery!


    Logos Of FK to be used in at Back Ground of Your Designs:

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    Post -=Rules For Getting Designer Tag=-


    We Have define some rules & guidelines for Designers who are holding FK Designer Tag or who want to get it.
    We want each designer to follow the rules Including Mode / Admin Team.


    1. All the designs should be unique, and not shared on the other website with different logos by the same designer. While you are free to make different designs for any website you want.
    2. Each Designer's Tag Holder must share at least 5 designed Images during a month.
    3. At least 15 quality Designs have been shared in the Poetry Images Korner by the Designer. ( For Those who want to get the Tag)
    4. Designer has to win at least 1 Designing competition to get Designer Tag.
    5. All Images should be upload at FK Photo Gallery.
    6. And other rules of Poetry Images Korner section should be followed.

    Rules For Poetry Images Korner

    If one has any question, use PM

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    -=Rules For Poetry Images Korner & Getting Designer Tag=-


    Welcome to Poetry Images Korner

    Section Rules:

    1. PIK main 24 hours main 2 se zyada threads allowed nahi hain. Agar kisi ne ek din main 2 se zyada threads banaye to last thread delete kar dia jayega.
    2. Share kiye gaye design main DESIGNER NAME, FK LOGO and FK URL mojood hona chahiye, agar kisi design main in teenon main se kisi cheez ki bhi kami dekhi gayi to thread trash kar dia jayega.
    3. Fahesh tasveer wala design thread bhi remove kar dia jayega.
    4. Kisi or ka design ya chori/edited design bhi forum se delete ho jayega or sath sath member ko warning bhi di jayegi. 3 warnings ke baad member ko FK se banned kar dia jayega.
    5. Threads main ghair-zaroori discussion karna mana hai, is se jitna ijtenaab kiya jaye behtar hoga.

    Rules For Designer TAG Holder:

    Section Rules ke ilaawa Designer TAG Holders waalon ke liye kuch or bhi rules hain

    1. Har designer ko apna ek section dia gaya hai jis main woh apne designs share kar sakta hai. Agar aap PIK ke main section sharing karenge to 1 week baad aap ka thread aap ke section main move kar diya jayega.
    2. Designer Tag Holders pe laazim hai ke woh month main kam az kam 4 designs zaroor share karen. (Agar kisi waja se 4 na share kar sakte hon to pehle section moderator ko apni majboori se aagah karen.)
    3. Designers ke liye jab bhi competition thread banaya jaye to unhen us main hissa lena hoga...
    4. Aise DESIGNERS jo taweel muddat se forum par aa hi nahi rahe ya apni masroofiyat ki bina par nahi aa pa rahe to un se guzarish ki jati hai keh woh DESIGNER TAG se dast-bardaar ho jayen.
    5. DESIGNER ki ghair mojoodgi ke 2 maah baad us se us ka designer tag wapis le liya jaye ga.

    Rules For Getting DESIGNER TAG:

    1. Designer TAG k umeedwaar ne saal main 3 PIK Monthly competitions win kiye hona chahiye.
    2. Umeedwar ke kam az kam 15 quality designs PIK main share hona laazmi hai.
    3. Tamaam Tar Designs FK Photo Gallery main upload hona chahiye.
    4. Uppar diye gaye tamaam Rules ki condition fullfill hone k baad PIK ke section moderators is baat ka faaisla karenge ke aya us umeedwaar ko DESIGNER TAG milna chahiye ya nahi.


    For any kind of suggestions & requests, kindly contact Section Moderator(s), Super Mods and Admins only via PM.

    PIK Management.
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    بند ہونٹوں سے بھی کرتے آرہے ہیں گفتگو، میں اور تُو

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    Re: -=Rules For Poetry Images Korner & Getting Designer Tag=-

    AssalamuAlakium WR WB !

    Merging old & new PIK section rules + PIK designer Tag rules !!

    Read them carefully before posting, & contact us for any FURTHER questions.

    Best Regards

    اللهم اني اعوذبك من زوال نعمتك و تحول عافيتك وفجاءة نقمتك وجميع سخطك

    “I do not trust people who don't love themselves and yet tell me, 'I love you.' There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.” ― Maya Angelou

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