world of warcraft blood elf customization bannerThe good thing about Blizzard Entertainment is that they’re constantly updating World of Warcraft with new content and features in an effort to try and keep up with their more contemporary competitors. The current character customization system, for example, feels a bit lacking, especially when compared to more modern MMORPGs which is why players will be getting new customization options when Shadownlands rolls out.

The upcoming expansion will add new options for skin tone, hair and eye color, and tattoos to the 16-year old game. Players will also have the option to hide their chest armor through transmog to show off their new ink. The new options will also still be in line with the game’s lore and was approved by WoW Narrative Designer Steve Danuser. WOWclassicgp recently published an alpha preview of the new customization options on their site.

After your efforts paid off and you are already geared with high level equipment you can start doing raids. These are usually 25-man instances where you can challenge most tough enemies of Azeroth. This is the true end-game content as equipment pieces dropped in these zones are the best available in the game. You will need to join the guild to start raiding. When you found your party you will also have to learn how to fight all of the bosses in these instances. Most challenges have complicated mechanics which have to be avoided in order to survive. Every party member need to know them before they fight in order for the group to succeed. Boss kills can give high level item drops once a week upon successful kill.

Because Raids are most difficult challenges it often takes a lot of time to prepare for them. Players have to find best possible pre-raid gear to be ready to face challenges that wait for them in raids. After that everybody has to be equipped with necessary consumables. It is also crucial to go in with a correct composition so some of the classes will be more desirable than the others. Guild Leader has to pay attention if there are two tanks present, at least three healers and many DPS champions to choose from, that can reach high numbers in the damage meter. It is important that everyone in the team will perform admirably since one bad player may be enough to cause a raid wipe. On top of that having high damage will also be a must. Some of the Raid Bosses are the 'dps check' which means that team must possess a certain dps to kill them in time. After time passes bosses usually enrage making them much harder or even perform special abilities which can one- shoot many players at the same time. New raids are released with big patches that push in-game lore forward. Everytime that happens best players challenge each other in the race to see who can defeat new bosses first.

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