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Thread: Old School Runescape closes Bounty Hunter worlds

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    Old School Runescape closes Bounty Hunter worlds

    Old School Runescape developer Jagex has decided to close the MMORPG title’s Bounty Hunter worlds “until further notice” due to concerns about gold farmers abusing them. After an early statement letting players know that the worlds would shut down, the developers have gone into further detail on their plans to revamp PvP.

    “It’s time to make a change,” Jagex says in the statement. “Not just to Bounty Hunter, but to our approach to PvP as a whole. PvP is a cornerstone of Old School. Currently it deserves better, so we’re taking a step back and considering its place in the overall game. Our goal is to determine a long-term vision for PvP. Rather than move from one release to the next, we want a clear direction for the next few years that will inform how we design content moving forward.”

    Bounty Hunter is a mini-game that can be found in the Wilderness levels. By participating in it, you’ll see an interface that will show you which of your fellow participants have to kill your target. When you do so, you get bonus points if you’re holding a mysterious emblem. This item, which is sold by the Emblem Trader, gains EXP every time you kill a player that also has a mysterious emblem. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap OSRS Gold at by using the code “NEW6RS” for a 6% discount.

    However, some people managed to find a way to make lots of OSRS gold out of it. Jagex claims that these players “abuse its mechanics to generate GP in excess of the amounts available via legitimate methods.” For some reason, Jagex thought that it’s a potentially game-breaking problem, saying that this particular form of content “undermines other game content and the overall integrity of the game”, and their solution is to do away with it. Thus, worlds 318 and 319 have already been closed off.

    It will be a fairly lengthy wait before more information about bounty hunting is revealed. While unlikely, it’s possible that the minigame never returns to Old School RuneScape. This would only happen if Jagex’s “technical and rules enforcement-based solutions” end up unsuccessful. Whatever the case is, the developers feel that it’s “time to make a change”.

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    Re: Old School Runescape closes Bounty Hunter worlds

    I don't know what to think. Controversial topic.

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