By Asif Khan
Tue, 10, 20

Let’s now browse and see what actually falls in the list of her likes and dislikes...

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Model turned actress Hina Chaudhary made her foray into showbiz in 2017 and in mere three years, she has made her presence felt. Through her work, she has successfully consolidated her position, proving that she is much more than a pretty face. She completed her Bachelors in Business from University of Lahore, where she also served as a Vice President of dramatics club and a member of a number of other societies. Upon being motivated by a close friend, she did a bridal shoot for her cousin's salon to give it a try.

There she met a photographer who noticed her potential and suggested to audition. She came across writer Faseeh Bari Khan and actor Ali Tahir. After rendering an impressive audition before the two veterans, all that she was carrying home was the script and that too of the lead role in a drama serial Mohini Mansion Ki Cinderellaen (MMKC).

Her luck changed overnight and she racked up ads of brands like Ufone, Coke , Road Masters, Sonex etc and multiple shoots for coveted brands like Zara Ahmed, Hiba Asim, Mausamry, Tana Bana and Rivaj. Her serials Nalaiq, Dulhan, Mujhay Rang De, Kausar Kahan Gai and a video song for T-series, Jalwa, by Usman Farooqi catapulted her to the new heights of fame. Let’s now browse and see what actually falls in the list of her likes and dislikes...

Your biggest assets:

My parents, without any doubt, especially my mother as I am very close to her.
You wish you could…
I wish that I could have started my career in acting a bit earlier.
Your biggest strength:
My family. I never imagined myself living miles away from my family and that too for work.
Something you’re strongly possessive about:
I am not sure about being possessive but I am pretty sensitive for my relationships whether it is a friend, my siblings or parents.
When feeling low you prefer…
That totally depends on my mood. I rather watch a movie, listens to songs or offer prayer.

Your regrets:

Well, there are a lot of decisions that I have made which I am not proud of. But I don't regret doing so, because somehow, those decisions taught me life changing lessons.

Your worst nightmare:

Losing my loved ones.
Something you like about yourself:
A lot of things (haha). I believe that I am very positive, helpful and strong.
Your definition of love is…
Love teaches us to be selfless, kind and respectful.

What hurts you the most?

I feel sad when I read distressing stories about women and children.

What bores you the most?

I get super bored when I find myself home alone with nothing to do.

One person you would like to dine out with…

My best friend and partner in every crime, Ali Farooq.

Your teenage crush was…

Ahhh, don’t ask! Justin Bieber and Shahid Kapoor.

You think your best work till this date is…

Well, so far MMKC is my best work, not because of acting but due to the experience I gained as it was my first project and it’s really close to my heart.

You like boys who are...

I like boys who respect everyone.

You are afraid of...

Snakes and people who are snake in the sleeve.
The biggest misconception about you;
That I am mean.

Among your friends you are known as…

The most fun and talented one as I know how to dance, make my friends laugh, do makeup, singing, cooking, etc.

Your message…

My mother once told me that if you are climbing stairs and you miss a step, you will fall and get really hurt. So be patient and try to take every step carefully; you will reach your destination a bit late but without getting yourself hurt. Also, please be kind to other people, don’t make judgments about someone without knowing them.