My ideal man should look like a man, masculine and suave,
Mehwish Hayat

Actor detailed her preferences in men and reasons for single-hood

November 26, 2020

Popular actor Mehwish Hayat recently opened up about her preferences regarding men, the reason why she is still single and the how she feels about playing a character she has been widely criticised for.
The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient, in a conversation with Begum Nawazish Ali on By The Way, relayed what she her ideal life partner would be like. She also expressed her opinions on #MeToo and whether it has served as a deterrent to sexual harassment or not.

Moreover, the Load Wedding star did not shy away from revealing who she finds attractive among local male celebrities, along with commenting on the possibility of being with a particular political figure. Upon being asked how many times she had been approached for a relationship, Hayat said, “28 times.” To this Ali asked, “So out of all these times, you never found someone worthy of being your life partner?”

Here, Hayat replied, “Let me be honest, nahi mila (I couldn’t find him). Maybe the reason for that was I started off really early and made a name for myself. So I didn’t want anyone to fall in love with me because I’m Mehwish Hayat; I want them to fall for who I am within. And maybe it’s also because I have kept that person so deep within myself. But who knows, someone might come and unlock that door.”
When asked what physical attributes her ideal partner should have, Hayat said, “He has to have a good height. Gora chitta na bhi ho (even if he is not fair skinned), a man should look like a man. Thori si mardana wajahat, thora uncha lamba qad, ek swag hona chahiye (He should be masculine and suave).”

Ali pointed out that he has the perfect bachelor in mind, “Really?” asked Hayat, curious. “Yes, somebody important, influential, young and it’s his first time in the parliament.” Confused, Hayat asked who again. “Bilawal?” Ali replied, “I didn’t say it, but now that you have, what’s wrong with Bilawal?”
“There’s nothing wrong with him, I think he’s very good looking,” remarked the Punjab Nahi Jaungi actor. Following this, Hayat was asked who she would prefer among the two male celebrities she shares an excellent on-screen chemistry with. “Fahad Mustafa or Humayun Saeed?” inquired Ali.

“I think both of them are really good looking men in their own,” she responded, adding that it didn’t matter because both of them were married. Upon added inquiry, however, Hayat claimed that she would go for someone who is a blend of both the stars. “For a husband, I’d go for Fahad and a boyfriend, I’d go for Humayun.”

The starlet went on to also reveal that contrary to the roles she plays, she is not a romantic in real life. “I’m a very realistic person; not a daydreamer. I think that’s also one of the reasons I can trigger it when I’m in front of the camera,” she relayed.
And when asked if the #MeToo movement had served as deterrent for harassment, Hayat noted that it has certainly scared men. But she also stated that it is not always the man’s fault. “A lot of women do (face harassment) but I feel that the man isn’t always wrong. At times, it’s the woman who is in the wrong. It’s wrong to always blame the man; it’s two sided,” remarked the Actor in Law star.

As for the Bollywood offers she rejected, Hayat relayed how they did not appear as appealing to her since she could not be a part of the project in its entirety, which according to her, was nothing compared to the respect she gets in Pakistan. “The revival of Pakistani cinema, which we talk about, I have been a part of it since it began. Then I worked with Nabeel and Nadeem and the way people showed showered us with love, I felt that I didn’t need to go somewhere else.”

“I wouldn’t want to work in Bollywood where I wouldn’t even be able attend my own film’s premiers or promotions or even watch it in the cinema for the first time with my team members. And that’s unfair. So I would rather play in my home ground, play it well and enjoy it,” concluded Hayat.

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